Boubackar Goumri, lighted sculptures

Boubackar Goumri was born in Oran in 1967. Sculptor and graphic designer in architecture, he reflects on the aesthetics in the home of today. In 2002, he met Gisele and the small group as it was forming. He then embarked on the use of light with sculptures. Through these, he has created a new playground of balance and harmony, in which he integrates his thoughts on the home while he enriches them with the wealth that his dual culture brings.

Today, Boubackar continues his research as a creator and artist by establishing a model and deepening his knowledge of 3D software.

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Gisèle Moch, modern textile artist

Born in normandie, i live and work in montpellier since 1992. My personal and artistic approach walks in the way of a poetical research oriented to the exploration of fairy and forgotten worlds.

« It is my different creative expressions, fed by the human and artistic encounters, which help me to weave the pattern of my own vision of the world. »



Philippe Godelle, concert composer

Philippe Godelle is a concert composer on a 10-string guitar that he designed himself in Barcelona where he lived for six years. Philippe has studied guitar  with many artists he knew when he worked in Paris, where he was then artistic assistant. He was inspired by the wealth of the harmonic and melodic music of Ravel, Debussy, Bartok and Stravinsky, blues jazz, bossa nova, flamenco, Irish music and modal music of India, Arab and Bulgarian rhythms.

Now Philippe is dedicated entirely to composing. The richness of his musical journey allows him to create original and finely-tuned music. He brings the rigor of the classical music world to his own creativity and imagination.

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Emma Moch, paintings

Emma MOCH was born in Caen in 1970. After studying at the Beaux-Arts and at the university, she devoted herself to painting in 1996. Since then, she regularly exhibits her paintings and inks in different venues and galleries in the south of France and elsewhere. Alongside her own work (series  » Impressions Dogons », « Imaginary Gardens », « Threads of ink »), whose themes revolve around memory and space, she has worked as a duo with guitarist-composer Philip Godelle in a show-performance entitled « Colors, Fragrances and poetry of sound.

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Anne-Sophie Thérond, culinary creations

It is at the crossroads of different paths that Anne-Sophie has found her true calling in the culinary arts. She was born into a family of cooks in Auvergne. while still a child, she enjoyed helping her grandparents garden and pick local produce and then transform them with her grandmother in the kitchen of the family restaurant.Then life took her elsewhere. She discovered many countries while moving towards intellectual nourishment in communication, multimedia and marketing. However, her culinary background never left and she continues passionately to learn new recipes from books. She also takes classes with top chefs and participates in exhibitions. An approach to the history of gastronomy allows her to wander through the centuries and across continents, discovering forgotten recipes and original flavors.

Today Anne-Sophie devotes herself entirely to the art of cooking and has published two books.

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Yarida, poetry

Born in 1939 in Chatellerault, I was attracted at a very young age to animals, music, dance, poetry, travel…

There’s an echo in me of this multiple life, amplified suddenly by visits to other continents.

In Montpellier since 1975, the art of living for me has become to create, to let flow the song inside, this gleaming hope which lives within me.

Une petite graine, poussée par le vent des âges, engloutie
sous le sable du temps, est prisonnière au cœur de l’imaginaire.
Entourée de mystère, comment se dévoiler ?
Bientôt, délivrée par des mains savantes de cette carapace qui l’enserrait,
tout à coup elle sort de son nid obscur. Oh ! La lumière ! Pétrie d’eau,
de terre et de magie, elle se transforme.

L’Arbre du Monde est entrain de naître. Il grandit, grandit…et grossit
dans toutes les directions.

Avec tendresse envers la terre et tout son univers,
Ses fruits sont le nectar de l’espérance

Nicole de Toledo

Nicole de Toledo, ink

Nicole Toledo, French artist born in Istanbul, began at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Montpellier. Subsequently installed in Paris, she worked in the studio of painter Henri GOETZ. At that time, she participated in many fairs and exhibited in many galleries in Paris, Lille and Istanbul.

Her artwork turned towards the art of ink, pastels and pigments. This has allowed her a spontanaity that reflects her own temperament. Her drawings are a reflection of what concerns and inspires her: faces, people who come together and move apart, symbols of a chaotic world.