How the artists design an exhibition ?

Artists of the association have always strived to stage their exhibition to highlight the nature of each creation: pictoral, gustatory, literary, tactile, musical, sculptural…

For all their exhibitions, the artists have tried to take into account the exhibition hall, its history, its mission and its space. When the art leaves the studio, one still must create everything. The installation, or rather the staging, is a reflection of aesthetics and pedagogy.

It is not a matter of putting together two pieces which have something in common. This is obviously something else and the idea is to always think of the public, whoever they are: adult art lover, child, stroller on vacation, friends…

« Our desire is to make these walks through the exhibition a time of fun, reflection and enrichment for visitors as for us, so that everyone’s curiosity is awakened and our vision still new. »


  • « The Banquet of 3 + Wine », November 2002
    Exhibition organized as part of the festival « Future of Herault », organized by the General Council of Hérault and the city of Montpellier.
  • « Ballads », juin 2003
    Exhibition organized at the Galerie du Haut Palmier in Montpellier with Boubackar Goumri, Emma Moch and Philippe Godelle.
    Exhibition at the gallery Hétéroclites , Montpellier, July-August 2003
  • « Down to Earth », December 2004
    Exhibition organized at the Chai du Terral, cultural center of the town of Montpellier, with the group of artists EMYAGIBOU and support of private partners: The domaine of Rieucoulon, Coste Paintings and Solargil.
  • « Alphabet of laughter », November 2005
    Exhibition organized with the group of artists EMYAGIBOU as part of the festival « Laughs for All » organized by the city of Montpellier. Exhibition in the studio of artist librefigure, December 2006.
  • « Metaphor of a seed », May 2007
    Exhibition performance achieved with the association of ATM and the support of private partners: E.P.I.C.E.S, Coste Peinture, Montex Ltd.
  • « Farandole » , July-August 2008, exhibition in a wine cellar  » l’Ecrin des Collines », (Sud of France)
  • November 2010 : Exhibition at the KAWA Théâtre at Montpellier.