Born in Caen in 1974, Gisele moved to Montpellier in 1992 where she began studying Humanities. Very quickly, the literary world would lead this self-taught artist to the world of writing and artistic exploration of different materials (wood, clay, paper …).

Gradually, she discovered the work of fabric which opened her to new dimensions composed of colors, textures and multi-cultural techniques oriented towards the meeting other worlds, imaginary or forgotten.

« I always worked in a self-taught manner in my studies and my creations. This is a necessary choice for my creativity and my freedom to think. These are my various creative expressions, fed by human and artistic encounters, which helped me to weave the fabric of my own worldview. This convoluted path on which I am committed, is not the shortest or the most reassuring, but it gives meaning to my personal quest. To construct a new language is to offer to the intangible form of our impressions, the possibility of an expression which can then be transmitted and shared. This experience is universal. ».