Azaafránazafrán, in Spanish, zafraan in Hindi, zaafran in Arabic, saffron is the ultimate precious spice, fragile and delicate, the bearer of oriental aromas and Mediterranean warmth. Its sundrenched color invites us to caress the world of imagination.
The fragility and ephemeral character of the material that I chose as a mode of artistic expression demanded that I always be in research and movement, giving free rein to instinct and intuition to create my work.

I like to combine complex shapes and refinement, shimmering colors, the delicacy and imagination of wild silk, taffeta, embroidery, beads, ribbons … with the simplicity and robustness of the canvas and purified shapes.

Contemplation and fantasy, work and fun, joy and depth are all feelings that I want to share with you to invite you to discover yourself in another way and to give you pleasure. I will then invite you to fully reclaim the creation, the same way that saffron would arouse the curiosity of your taste buds.

All my achievements are shaped by different techniques acquired over time and with experience.

The embroidery is done entirely by hand and each creation is unique.